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Kit Fenderson-Peters

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the power of consent

"I must not infringe upon those rights without the other's consent."

I agree with your intent, but the phrasing has a problem for me:

If you have received informed consent freely given, it cannot be an infringement of their rights. My point being, way too many people live in guilt for "infringing" on others when they really haven't. It can even be a total pain for the person without being any kind of infringement.

Was it "infringing" on us when one of my covenmates arranged a schedule for folks to stay in my lady's room overnight during the last week of her life? I barely got any sleep the night I did, as she needed something every couple of hours. But my lord got some needed sleep and my lady got taken care of, and all I suffered was one day of bleariness at work. It was a pain but it was even more a privilege.

Re: the power of consent

I see your point. How about "I must obtain consent from another before taking any action that would involve them"? Certainly someone can inconvenience themselves or worse on my account if they so choose.

Re: the power of consent

I think I see what you're saying, but I like that the original restricted your infringement to those inalienable rights only. We 'involve' people in our lives all the time, and trying not to do so constantly seems unrealistic. But avoiding infringement of sovereignty is different somehow.

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