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VURD: Generator won't run
I'm fiddling with a generator - not mine, don't worry - that won't run. When I spray starting fluid into the air intake, it runs just fine for as long as the starting fluid lasts (a couple of seconds). That would lead me to believe that it's a fuel issue, but my friend who's also fiddling with the generator says that when he "opens the valve", gas flows into the carb. I'm not entirely certain what he means by "the valve", unless he means the petcock. We tried to start it yesterday with some ancient gas - it started once, then died and wouldn't fire up again. My friend drained all the gas out and put fresh gas in, and it still won't start.

My gut is still telling me that it's a fuel problem, but if gas is getting into the carb, that's not the case, is it?

And so I present the problem to the VURD. The floor is open to suggestions.

ETA: The generator is a Coleman model 1850.

ETA 2: I want to make it clear that if this generator fails to start, neither my friend nor myself will be without electricity.

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Well, you need both air and fuel to mix, for it to run. Perhaps the starting fluid works because it includes a better mixture, and the problem is that when you "open the valve" you are getting gas but not air? Or not a good mix?

Have you cleaned the carb?

Yes, the carb has been cleaned.

Empty the float bowl on the carb and try again... I have a feeling that it'll work... especially with a healthy shot of starting fluid.

It certainly DOES sound like a fuel problem... might also try with a new plug.

Ancient gas may have clogged up the jets in the carb. If you can get the carb apart well enough to clean the jets, try that.

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