Makes you like your eggs on the Jersey side

Kit Fenderson-Peters

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I guess it depends on the cost of upgrading to the 1.5 for your personal machine. If you can sell the now-new 1TB drive for a decent amount of money towards the 1.5 then maybe it is a good idea right now if you think you need that extra .5 -this is the time to do it while you still have it NIB. Once you put it in your machine its resale goes WAY down.

But if it is going to be a bunch of money and you don't need the extra storage then it's not worth it.

How full is your personal system? If you aren't likely to expand into that last half terabyte anytime in the life of the rest of the system, then just keep the 1TB and save your money.

I'd say it's probably best to put the 1 back in and put the 1.5 back in as a backup server. It's always nice to have more room on your backup than on your primary machine, just in case you need to store, like, a DVD image of the OS or something.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking, unless you want to set them up as a RAID array, in which case I think they have to be matched.

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